You’re everything I ever want, Sheggz proposes to Bella


You’re everything I ever want, Sheggz proposes to BellaSheggz has made a vow to always love a fellow housemate Bella.

According to the 26-year-old actor and footballer, Bella is everything he ever wants as a wife.

“You’re everything I ever wanted. Even when you’re on your period,” Sheggz promised.

Continuing the Lagos-born said: “Even if someone vexes you. Even when you’re fighting with Chomzy. Even when you do something I don’t like. I’ll always be there and you know why? Because you’re my everything.

“I want you to see this from another perspective. Babe, I really want to marry you. I really think you’re everything that’s missing.”

Since the Week 2 of the show, Sheggz has continued to prove his pure love to win Bella’s heart


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