Steps To Follow Whenever A PrivateNumber Calls


Fraudsters are everywhere today and lots of fraudulent activity is going round in our communities amd society at large.

One has to be very careful and stay on guard. The internet was brought to improve the standard of living and so far, it has worked positively for so many people today. Instead of using it for the right reasons, some people use it for their evil works which is popularly known as 419 here in Nigeria.

Anytime you see a private number calling you, you don’t have to be scared. A lot of Questions will run through your mind before you think of picking the call and that is absolutely normal. So you have to be very careful when it comes to dealing with private numbers.

Talking about how you can get to know who’s calling you, in today’s Article I’ll be showing you a few steps to follow anytime you get a call from a private number.

See The Steps You Have To Follow

1. You can make it easier for yourself and save yourself the stress by setting a ringtone for that particular number especially when you think you know who’s calling you. So any time a private number calls you and you suspect its someone you know, just set a ringtone in case of next time.

2. Anytime you see such calls, don’t bother yourself about who the person may be. All you have to do is to dial *#30#. Immediately you dial this code, the phone number will pop up on your screen but you have to be a bit patient because it will take some minutes before popping up.


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