Scared Indeed: Bobrisky offers PUBLIC APOLOGY to Mompha

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bobrisky mompha

Lobatan! Bobrisky has offered a public apology to Mompha.

This is after the self aclaimed billioniare slammed a N1bn lawsuit against him.

Bob in a video just shared on his instagram page, APOLOGISED and and even called Mompha a great guy. Oppor o, lamooo, after the upandan dragging.

And a chat that showed Mompha asking Bob to come with one of his cars. Recall Bob had said Mompha uses his cars in Lagos and even driver. He even rubbisehed his, saying which billionaire, lol.

Anyway, after Mompha slammed the lawsuit on Bob, he gave him 2 weeks to apologise. Well, the 2 weeks is yet to elapse.

Anyway read part of his apology below…

He said, “Mompha is a great guy, me and Mompha we never ever dated, we never dated. Mompha is my brother. (sic)

“Mompha is somebody that I can actually call and tell him things…because he is even older than me, like his age and my age, he is way older.

“Like I said, I messed up by disrespecting him and that is why I am doing this video to apologise to him. I am deeply sorry and I want him to forgive me.”

Oya watch full video;


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