Nigerian Rap Star Accuses Police Of Stealing Her Car In Lagos (Video)



Candy Bleakz, a Nigerian rapper, has accused the police of snatching her car in front of her estate in Lagos.

The rapper said the police took her car away without her consent and never told her where they were taking it to, after searching the car.

She noted that nothing incriminating was found in her car by the police officers.

Candy Bleakz, who revealed this on her Instagram page, also noted that she showed the police all the necessary documents and other proofs that the car belongs to her.

“Nigeria police just collected my car right now in front of my estate; they searched the car, they didn’t see anything inside, they asked for all documents. It’s a new car, I showed them everything needed. But still they took my car away; I’m tracking my car right now and it is on the way to Lakowe.

“They took the car from me at Skymall but now I’m tracking the car and they are driving down to lakowe,” she said.

She explained that three of the policemen involved were on mufti while five others wore police uniform.

“Three of them were on a house wear, and 5 of the rest were in uniform. And we were so scared because these people were just so armed with guns. Apparently, we didn’t remove the key from the car. After they searched thoroughly, and nothing was found in the car, we were talking and the next thing, they already took the car with them and that’s it.

“With the car tracker, I realized that they drove the car all the way to Area J Police Headquarters, Elemoro. 

“If not for the tracker, I wouldn’t know where the car is, and I can’t go there without help cus I don’t know what I will meet or what they will say so they won’t lock me up,” she added.


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