Meet Phat Chyna the hot heavy Backside woman setting Social media on Fire making people scream Wild


It seems the Ghanaian social media eyes have mistakenly passed over a socialite figure on whom extreme media spotlight should be thrown on at this very moment. This woman is causing soo much chaos online with her heavy fat goodies that is making people talk.

Ghanaian and Nigerian social media spaces and users have recently been too much focused and engrossed on now self made heavily endowed social media celebrities like Hajia Bintu and the rest that over attention have been missed on a socialite that is secretly causing such massive stir online which her amazingly heavily endowed body.

Going by the name ‘Phat Chyna’ on Instagram, this lady apparently is a Ghanaian plus size model, a video vixen, and a brand influencer. Her perfect Coca Cola shape and humongous backside and hips is an amazing sight to behold and she surely seizes every given opportunity to showcase her goodies.A Job in the UK May Pay You More Than You Think. Check The List.UK Jobsby TaboolaSponsored Links

Phat Chyna has surely dethroned Hajia Bintu and Abena Cilla by every possible standard and sooner than later, social media attention would be focused on her. Check below for some of her delicious hottest saucy photos that is making people scream online.

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