Lady Who Claims To Represent Side-Chicks Association Speakout On Chidinma Ataga Saga


Unilag reacts to arrest of 300-level student, Chidinma over the murder of  Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga | TheinfongA Nigerian lady has taken to her social media page to issue a statement concerning the sad story of slain Super TV CEo, Ataga USifo.

His side-chick confessed that she killed him and the lady who claimed to be the national president of “Side Chick Association of Nigeria” has now issue a disclaimer in a bid to reassure sugar-daddies that their safety is guaranteed.


Her post on Facebook reads ;

We Side Chicks Association of Nigeria (SCAN), an umbrella organization of unmarried ladies (girlfriends, mistresses, concubines, baby-mamas etc) who are amorously and financially attached to married men wish to state that:
Our attention has been drawn to the trending tragic news of a young lady alleged to have murdered her rich CEO Man friend.
We hereby state categorically that the said young lady is not our member and totally condemn the criminal act which in fact runs contrary to the objectives, interests and principles of our great association.
For us as a group, Daddies, Aristos, and manfriends are treasure pots that are more useful being alive than dead. Indeed, many of us will go to great lengths to ensure that no harm come to our benefactors even more than their legally-married wives.
We therefore want to use the medium to assure our men of their safety in our care. They should not on account of this unfortunate incident be discouraged from continuing or engaging in this mutually-beneficial, age-long, social alliances.
Princess Bukky Osude


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