I’m totally drained, DJ Cuppy cries out


Does DJ Cuppy win an award for just being DJ Cuppy? | The Guardian Nigeria  News - Nigeria and World News — Saturday Magazine — The Guardian Nigeria  News – Nigeria and World NewsDisc Jockey Florence Otedola aka DJ cuppy has lamented the pressure she is experiencing in Oxford University where she is studying for Masters degree.

Cuppy explained her absence from the social media for some days was due to preparation for her thesis.

The billionaire daughter said she is physically and emotionally overwhelmed by the numerous research she has to carry out.

She also revealed that she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD), which she said resurfaced during this period.

She tweeted: “Haven’t been online for a few days as I’ve been dealing with quite a difficult time as its my last term at Oxford University. My thesis is due soon and I am under so much pressure to deliver at such a high academic standard. Having never done a research paper before, it’s extremely draining in a mental and even emotional way.

“My diagnosed ADHD and Anxiety have truly got the best of me. I’m going through a rough time, I know, but it shall soon pass and I will finish this paper and hand it in. I have full GODFIDENCE.”


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