“I Will Act P0rn0graphy If am Still Broke By August”; Beautiful Lady Cries Out -SEE PHOTO


Out of frustration, a lady has left many tongues wagging unceasingly after she dropped shocking comment on social media.

The love for money by most ladies in other to live a good life has led to a lady revealing that she would enter into the p0rn business should she still be broke by the end of August which is just three months away.

The lady whose name was identified as @loviass revealed that it would be better to play all the romantic and adult scenes in p0rn if only she does not see any change in life.

According to her, she would make videos of herself having s3x with men and also fondling herself which she would sell to people who want to have a look at her nakedness and also organise hookups where she would service s3x starved men.

According to recent statistics, the p0rn industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world and p0rn websites are the most frequented on the internet.

These culminate into the money the actors and actress who play these sexual fantasy roles are paid for their services.

Kokobabe believes settling for poverty while there are avenues loke p0rn acting for her to make money will certainly not be a wise decision. If she does not see any improvement in her finances, she will take the long way…the long way of becoming a p0rn star.

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