I Need A Man For Valentine’s Day – Crowncy Anyanwu Cries Out

I Need A Man For Valentine’s Day – Crowncy Anyanwu Cries Out

Imo State-born actress Crowncy Anyanwu has lamented about her lonely life and her desire to have a boyfriend to spice things up for her.

The actress had a recent interaction with The Sun Newspaper, where she opened up about her love life and her boredom with her single life.

She noted that she cannot recall the day she spent a valentines day with her boyfriend since her days as a student in the University and she is ready and willing to find the right partner and spent the day with him.

 In her words: “I can’t recall celebrating Valentine’s Day with a lover before, since my university days till now. And this year’s Valentine is still going to be me alone, without a lover. I wish I will celebrate tomorrow’s Val with someone I cherish. I am so hopeful that shortly I will celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband.”ADVERTISEMENT

“I try to get busy with work and other things that will make me happy so I can forget about him. Most importantly, I will avoid being alone so that I will not think about him. I also want to warn girls to be careful. If a guy asks you to be his Val, before saying yes, ask him what happened to his last year’s Val? So you will know how to follow him,” she added.


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