How To Start Dog Training Business in 2022


Starting Dog Training BusinessBusiness Overview:

If you love dogs and want the freedom of owning your own business, you should consider starting a dog training business. You could be spending your time working with beautiful animals rather than being chained to a desk. If you want to pursue your passion and you love working with animals, this might be the perfect business for you. There are no 9- 5 days as a dog training business owner because you get to set your own hours. In addition, you can decide if you want to do group dog training, one-on-one sessions, or both. You also can determine if you want the dogs to come to your home for training or if you’d prefer to travel to the dogs in their home location. One of the most attractive parts of being a dog training business owner is that you can go anywhere in the world and your services will be needed. There’s no need to be tied down to one location if you like to be on the move. You can keep your business simple and be the sole dog trainer or you can expand to having a team of dog trainers work for you in your own facility. Many people are looking for dog training jobs, and your business could be the perfect place for their skills.

A day in the life of a dog training business owner:

Each day as a dog training business owner is so unique, which is what keeps this business so interesting. You may teach a few group dog obedience classes on one day. The next day you may work one-on-one with dogs that need extra attention beyond the group training. Your day may involve talking with dog owners on the phone to determine the needs of their pet and then scheduling an appointment to meet with them. Finally, if you have other dog trainers working for you then your day may involve advancing their training and overseeing their work. One day you may find that you’ve built the business up so much that you’re ready to receive lucrative offers as you post a “dog training business for sale” ad online.

The Good:

  • Great flexibility in hours.
  • Ability to move to different locations and always have clientele.
  • Extensive variety in day-to-day working environment.
  • You’re helping dogs and people every single day.

The Bad:

  • Business may be slow during winter seasons in Northern climates.
  • Potential for working with dangerous dogs may arise if you don’t screen clients and their pets carefully.


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