How to insure your house, car and life with TD Insurance


Insurance TD Insurance is part of the TD Bank Group, one of Canada largest financial services firm. Whose branches cut across Canada and others in some part of United State of America. TD Insurance work in two sectors:
1, general insurance

2,life and health insurance.

TD Insurance have earned thier position over time as the largest direct-response home and auto insurance group with over 1m customer base and one of the top three personal home and auto insurance groups in Canada. The group is also the national leader in critical illness insurance and a pioneer in affinity marketing, where the group have work jointly with groups to market insurance to their members.

As part of TD Insurance ongoing commitment to helping Canadian citizen to make informed property and casualty insurance choices, TD Insurance as put together an insurance disclosure document on thier compensation to duly licensed and fixed salaried representatives.

We are committed to helping Canadians choose insurance products that best suit their needs to assist in achieving their financial goals. This means helping people:

TD Insurance will help you discover insurance solutions that fit their life

In times of crisis by making the claims process easier

Make well-informed decisions by providing sound, commission-free advice on their insurance options

We stand out in the market by hiring top professionals who always look for ways to save our customers money, so they can find the coverage they need for the price they can afford.

TD Insurance Products And Services

Car/Auto Insurance in Ontario

Driving in Ontario may mean that you are headed down the 401 during an icy snowstorm, or sitting in traffic on the Gardiner Expressway, gazing at the summer sunset over the Toronto skyline. When driving your car, feel confident your auto insurance coverage fits your needs.

TD auto Insurance cover;
Motor Home

Home insurance

Protect your home and belongings with coverage that suits your needs. Most insurance policies set specific limits, but we have a better way:

Only TD Insurance offers the Million Dollar Solution to thier clients, so you can enjoy the flexibility of one overall amount of coverage for your home, belongings and additional living expenses. This covers the replacement or repair of your home and belongings.

It also covers your extra living expenses, so you can stay somewhere comfortable if you can’t stay in your home.

TD Home Insurance Covers;

Home owner
Condo Owner

TD travel Insurance

Are you the type that love travelling outside of your home province within Canada or internationally, consider TD Insurance Single Trip Plan1, which includes:

Comprehensive medical emergency coverage of up to $5 million with no deductible required 24/7 Emergency Assistance worldwide.

Direct payment to medical services provider where possible for eligible medical emergency expenses, such as physicians’ bills, prescriptions, and accidental dental.

Also if your love travelling with your family you can sign up for TD Insurance travel insurance family plans which give every members of your family adequate covering whether you are in Canada or Outside Canada.

Accident & Sickness Insurance for TD Customers

Help protect your family in the event of a covered critical accident or illness resulting in disability, a serious injury or death.

The TD Critical Accident Recovery Plan

This is a way to expand your health insurance coverage with a tax-free lump sum while sit back, relax and you’re recovering from a covered critical accident.

The TD Critical Illness Recovery Plan

TD critical illness recovery plan  provides a lump sum payment to help with the costs of recovery, should you be diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, a heart attack or stroke and were healthy at the time of your application.

The Critical Illness insurance benefit may provide financial support during recovery if you’re unable to work.

TD Insurabce have proven evidence to support thier business claims, happy customer and 247 customer service representatives waiting to receive prospects and customers.

You can visit thier website for more info.

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