How do I download content on Tumblr?

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How do you download content on Tumblr?Tumblr

Enter the URL of the Tumblr you want todownload in the box found in the lower part of theapplication. Select the type of content you want todownload, as well as the specific number of pages of theTumblr in question. If you want the entire blog, just leavethe “Download Pages” fields blank.

Also asked, how do I find my private posts on Tumblr?

To access your private posts: On the web, choosethe blog from the account menu (the human icon) at the top right ofthe screen, then scroll through your dashboard until youfind the post. Tip: To get the private URL,ctrl-click (or right-click) on the upper right corner of thepost and copy the link there.

Likewise, how do you get to your archive on tumblr? To go to a member’s Tumblr archive, you’llsimply add “/archive” to the end of any Tumblr URL.So, if you wanted to see the archive of NASA’sTumblr, you would use the The page autoloads as youscroll down to display posts for each month. Simply click on one toview it.

Also to know, how do I back up my Tumblr?

Here’s how to back up your Tumblr account

  1. From the dashboard, click on your account menu which ispictured as a person icon.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon.
  3. Select the blog you want to export on the right-hand side ofthe screen.
  4. Once the desired blog is selected, scroll to the bottom of thepage and click on Export.

Can you hide your Tumblr account?

Tumblr today introduced a feature that letsyou hide your blog from the web so its content canonly be viewed on and in its native apps formobile devices. You still can‘t make yourprimary blog private, but you can set up a secondaryblog protected by a password.

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