Halle Berry sued by MMA fighter Zingano


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Halle Berry sued by MMA fighter Zingano

Hollywood star Halle Berry has been dragged to court by a 39 year-old MMA fighter, Cat Zingano.

Zingano sued Berry for cutting her from the movie “Bruised,” after she abandoned a vital UFC fight to star in the film.

The film was Berry’s directorial debut.

In the lawsuit, the UFC fighter claims Berry asked her to star in the film in 2019 because of the apparent parallels between the “Bruised” script and the fighter’s life, according to Variety.

A week later, Zingano claims she declined an offer for a UFC fight the same year in order to star in the film.

The fight would have been key for Zingano’s career, which would have put her in contention for a title fight, Variety reported.

Zingano is now signed with Bellator MMA.


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