Exercise to end Frustration: How To Be Happier…..


We’ve all heard happiness is a state of mind, Walt Disney coined the phrase long ago.  Ever notice that when your happy your just, well, happy. It kind of comes upon you, usually by accident…. when your not thinking about what you need to do tomorrow or regretting something from yesterday.

I will discuss an exercise that will end frustration and allow you to increase happiness on a day to day basis.  Every now and then I set down and do an inventory… an inventory of my emotionsresentmentsfears, and other things that clog my happiness lens. You should too.

Effective exercise to increase happiness.

This exercise works, if your willing to slow down and devote a few minutes each day to self discovery and improving your experience.  First off, in order to be frustrated, you usually are using comparison thinking. In other words, in order for you to be frustrated with the weather right now, you must have had a picture of what you thought the weather should be like, right?

How To Start Being Happier.

This is an example of comparison thinking and eliminating it is a must if your would like to be less frustrated and happier.  It is crucial to understand what you need to let go of and what you need to take a stand on.  The first thing I need to realize if I’m wanting to be happier is that I can’t control outcomes, I can’t control people, and I can’t control my results all of the time.

Exercise to End Frustration.

What I can control is my attitude. And that is where happiness starts, in the attitude. It’s a state of mind right? Here is a step by step approach to end frustration and increase happiness immediately.

  1. Affirm to your self, “I want to be happy, I want to feel good”.
  2. Recognize what your trying to control, what your comparing, or what expectation you have.
  3. Make a choice, right now happiness, or frustration and discontentment?
  4. Take note of the picture or comparison. Write It down.

Do this throughout the day. Be consistent! At the end of the day, simply sit down and look at the list of things that pissed you off or frustrated the hell out of you. If you play a management role at work, you may find other people pissed you off, in general, if you work with people this is many times the case.

Here is the deal, what I want is of no great importance to other people or to the world. The things that frustrate me are things that I VIEW as direct opposition to something that is important to me.  Frustrating things are clues to who I am and what I most desire.

Reduce Stress.

I’ve learned that true accomplishment requires being free of frustration. for me this mean being detached from outcomes. If I expect people to treat me a certain way, expect things to happen a certain way, wish someone in my life acted differently, or whatever, If these things are more important than my happiness then they will persist. If I continue to give these things a battle and resistance, they will continue to show up in my life.

Frustration Exercise Summary.

Bottom line, I want to be happy, this is my priority throughout the day. I say it constantly in my head and it causes me to take a different perspective and react differently to different situations. Stress is lower, much lower, when I don’t buy into frustration. I’ve used the above exercise for the past year and it work, it works really good. It has helped me not to be so judgemental of myself, others, and situations… Because my priority is to be happy!

The funny thing is, when I give up the struggle and the need to control all this stuff, things fall into place much better than if I were trying to stack them.  Like all the personal development exercises I talk about on this site, you have to work at it until it becomes habit, then its easy, it is part of who you are.

Tip on Happiness.

Remembering to take a few minutes every day just for you and your development. It is a great form of self love and you will find yourself treating others in your life much better, when you treat your self to a more joyful experience day to day


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