Essential Tips For Road Trip (Get In Here)


Essential Tips For Road Trip (Get In Here)

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Journey means freedom. This journey provides you with unprecedented freedom. One-way travel requires you to drive at all times. It may be physically demanding, but there are many factors that exceed it. You can bypass any detours, listen to any radio station or audiobook you are interested in, or change the schedule as you like.

The list of benefits is endless.I have made dozens of trips in Canada, the United States, Western Europe and Eastern Europe. These long journeys have taught me one or two things about planning, packaging, travel, safety and entertainment. Now, I want to share with you what I have learned.

Top 10 tips for solo road travel

Whether you want to travel alone or across a province or state, if your long journey and the idea of ​​doing things your own way appeals to you, here are other things you need to know. Great trip. Know your limits. You can drive up to 12 hours a day, but you cannot drive for two consecutive days. Others are limited to four or five hours.This may be a physical problem caused by sitting for a long time or feeling bored. You must know your limits. When driving in the dark, you also need to know your limits.

Set up your schedule

The correct seat is an important part of a successful trip. I found Usually, it takes me three days to reach the goal. If I have four goals, it will take me twelve days. I can probably drink ten glasses, but the important thing is not to push too much within a few days. If you do this, you will lose a lot and find that all you have to do is drive. I am not going to go too far in one day. I tried to set the goal to be five hours a day, Although I don’t usually get up early, I still like to get up early. I get up at six in the morning and in the afternoon, I leave at 6:30. m. Avoid traffic jams and arrive at your destination before noon.

Use a variety of tools to map your itinerary

I used two maps when I traveled to the southwestern United States. New features, such as the Four Corners Map of National Geographic called “Ancient Road”. There is a lot of information about attractions.There are many National Geographic tourist maps to choose from. The other is the standard roadmap. I have also used Google Maps. I also like street atlases, which are used to plan and document my trips, which in the end makes the atlas memorable. Write several trips in a book. This is an atlas of North America and Europe. Understand the highlights you want to see. You can choose a theme for the trip. In France, this is history for me. I want to see the tapestries from Bayeux and Juno Beach, where Canadians landed on D-D day. In Arizona, it’s the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Monument Valley-can these sceneries in ancient Western movies really come true? When I was walking around Lake Ontario, I visited the winery. Every time I travel, I have a purpose. Find out who belongs to you, and then determine where you need to go. Use this information to plan your route. Book your stay. After drawing the map. Your itinerary, book your accommodation, I suggest you, although if you have a membership card for a particular hotel chain, it may be better to book directly with them than through the booking website. Make sure you are covered. travel insurance. In any case, I will never live without him. At the time of purchase, you can be reimbursed for medical expenses, physical examinations, drug bills, and even hotel accommodation.More importantly, it can pay for the cost of bringing a loved one to bed in a medical emergency or taking it home when necessary. For more information, see Act alone? Travel insurance is an essential failure aid. The battery is dead (like I did in Maine), leave the key in the car, flat tires or worse, roadside assistance is by your side.If you have AAA or CAA, you will be fine in North America. If you don’t have one, you can purchase short-term or long-term roadside assistance from Allstate. Car rental insurance. If you only rent a car to travel (see how to save money on renting a car), check with your insurance company and credit card first to find out what kind of coverage they will provide you. Read: When to buy (not buy) travel insurance. Not suitable for your rental car. The following are questions to ask the rental company:What is the insurance cost? What type of collision protection is provided, and what does this protection include? Who has insurance? Is there a deductible? Is liability insurance part of the insurance coverage? What might invalidate your car rental insurance coverage? Is roadside assistance included in the insurance coverage? What steps should be taken if an accident occurs?


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