Decoding Wedding Dress Codes: For Men


Decoding Wedding Dress Codes: For Men

There are 118,756 weddings in Australia every year and the commonly asked question of what to wear has been resolved by leading male website

Besides selecting the gift, returning RSVP’s and finding a date, Australian male dress codes have evolved with endless dress codes to decipher. Essential Groom editor Matthew Paroz has provided the following style guidelines to assist male guests:’

White tie:

Strictly for evenings, the tailcoat, bow tie and waistcoat, make this the ultimate in formality. “White tie is the pinnacle of male attire,” says Paroz. “It is the realm of kings and diplomats and as such it’s vitally important to get it right.”

Black tie: Worn for evenings, the tuxedo or dinner suit is more common than white tie: covered waist, cropped jacket code and bow tie are de rigeur. “Every man attempting black tie should master the self-tied bow tie,” Paroz believes. “James Bond would never contemplate a clip-on, neither should you.”

Morning suit:

As the name suggests, this semi-formal look is a daytime proposition, even for the afternoon. Coat tails, waistcoat and tie in black or grey are teamed with striped trousers. “This is the look associated with the famous Ascot races, top hat optional,” says Paroz.

Lounge suit/Cocktail dress:

Suitable for day (lounge) or night (cocktail), this is a popular choice for modern ceremonies. “Although the name is confusing it simply means a conventional, non-formal suit,” Paroz says. Play safe with dark, matching suit, white shirt and necktie.

Smart Casual:

Worn day or night, this relaxed suit-free style is a more laidback code for beach, outdoors or relaxed weddings. “A collared shirt, trousers and possibly a sports coat are the basics,” Paroz says. “Of all the codes, this permits variation from traditional, dark tones.

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