Business loan: 10 Reasons Why You Should Get A Business Loan Now


10 Reasons Why You Should Get A Business LoanIt’s perfectly normal for a commercial enterprise to be in debt, and borrowing money to make money isn’t a new idea. Many business owners see ‘debt’ as a scary word that should be avoided at all costs. Why Business Loan?

However, the opposite can in fact be true. Borrowing money for your business offers a number of benefits and can improve your chances of commercial success.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Stay ahead of competition

Despite current economic uncertainties, the number of SME’s is continuing to grow, and with all the competition out there it is essential that you continue to invest in growth and development.

If you don’t have the funds available to keep up, then borrowing money can be the boost you need to stay ahead of the competition.

2. Keep up with the times

Having the latest plant, equipment and machinery can help improve processes, increase efficiency and take on more substantial orders. But, having the necessary working capital to make these purchases can be a challenge.

By borrowing money your business will be able to gain access to the necessary funds to make large purchases that you might not be able to afford otherwise.

3. Improve credit score

When you borrow money and make your credit payments on time you can significantly boost your business’s credit score. This then makes it easier to secure further credit in the future so that you can continue to be successful.

4. Boost working capital

Often, when a business trades on credit terms, cash flow can be stretched as suppliers need to be paid ahead of receiving payment from customers. And when a business is experiencing rapid growth, this can become even more of a problem, meaning that continual borrowing is needed to make sure that enough money is available at all times to meet day-to-day commitments.

By the way… If you’re in need of a cash flow boost, we can help. An award-winning commercial finance broker with more than 20 years’ experience, we can identify the most suitable funding facility to help your business overcome a wide range of cash flow challenges. Request a call back today to find out more.

5. Make more money

Whilst borrowing does provide businesses with an added expense, often using the investment can generate more money than it costs to borrow.

With improved access to working capital businesses can take advantage of new opportunities in the market as and when they arise. This can lead to an increase in sales and profit.

6. Reduce personal risk

If you have personal savings, it may be tempting to invest them into your business and save money on finance fees. However it can be risky business tying up personal savings in your business, and it could come back to bite you further down the line.

By borrowing the money instead you can keep your personal savings intact.

7. Take advantage of supplier discounts

Having access to working capital can put your business in a better position to take advantage of incentives like early settlement discounts. This can save your company money which can be better spent elsewhere.

When most people think of borrowing, they think of traditional bank products such as loans and overdrafts. Yet developments in the commercial finance market mean there are a number of more specialist solutions, such as invoice finance, which provide growing businesses with even more benefits.

8. Flexibility

Whether you’re using the money to meet your day-to-day needs or to fund expansion, the amount of funding you can access through invoice finance grows in line with your sales ledger giving you greater flexibility.

This is particularly good for seasonal or growing businesses who may need to scale their funding up or down to meet demand.

9. Added expertise

With factoring, as well as boosting cash flow, a dedicated sales ledger management service is incorporated which can significantly reduce in-house overheads and improve your credit control performance.

This means you will be able to focus your time and effort on other aspects of managing and improving your business rather than chasing payments from customers.

10. Security

Unfortunately, late payment poses a threat to even the most successful businesses – and even when you have a full order book you could still wait months for payment.

This can seriously hamper your business growth and put strain on your working capital. However, with invoice factoring the lender can credit check potential customers, meaning you are likely to trade with customers that pay on time, protecting you from the threat of debtor insolvency.



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