Actress Dorcas Fapson, stylist bicker over alleged debt

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Actress Dorcas Fapson and her stylist have been engaged in an heated argument over the settlement of debt for AMVCA dress.

Just hours after the AMVCA awards ended, her stylist Maklinscout called her out for still owing her for the dress she wore to the award night show.

He accused her of neither giving him visibility nor paying the complete money.

He said: “DSF!! Please pay me my money!! You didn’t pay for fabrics nor for my service and you are not there posting me? What did I do wrong?
For helping a celebrity that didn’t have much on her but wanted to go for AMVCA?? Dsf you blocked me after reaching out to you for my balance, you paid 200k for a fabric of 470k which you saw with your eyes before I bought it.

“You reached out on Thursday for an event happening on Saturday, you paid on Friday, in a day, Dsf??

“I pulled out a dress, for you without paying a dime, after event you didn’t pay me, in less than 24 hours, I made that dress, when I even got to the hotel your friends said I should apologize and send text for coming late when you were even the one that paid late, I still apologised as per work relationship.

“After the event, you told your p.a to bring the cloth to you, that the photographer wants to take pictures again, I was wondering cause we already took pictures.

“You used your nails to make holes on the dress, cause I got home to see. No fittings or anything and you’re saying you won’t pay me for an outfit you wore? If you didn’t like it, why did you wear it please? You even pose for pictures and videos that same night.

“Now you went to your page to post a picture with a silly caption after I reached out for my balance cause you don’t want to pay my money.


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