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There are many ladies out there who are famous for their outstanding body features. Some of these famous ladies attained their fame with the aid of cosmetic surgeries, some are naturally gifted while some worked their way up with hard work and determination.

Today, we’ll look at 7 ladies who made fame with their outstanding and record-breaking body features.

• Smallest waist

1. Cathie Jung (Natural)

Cathie holds the world record as the lady with the world’s smallest natural waist. With waist measuring just 38.1 centimeters (15 inches), she broke the record for her outstanding tiny waist which she achieved with the daily use of corsets and specific healthy diets.

She revealed that she always puts on her corset on a 24/7 basis and she only takes it off when taking her bath.

2. Su Naing

A young lady from Myanmar named Su Naing with a waist reportedly measuring just 13.7 inches could be the lady with the smallest natural waist. Su Naing insists her waist is natural and she has never done any surgery to attain her looks. She’s also applied for the Guinness Book of World Records and she’s yet to be confirmed. Currently, that title still belongs to Cathie Jung.

However, her ‘record-breaking’ tiny waist is still disputed as some believe that she altered her pictures to make her waist look tiny.

3. Pixee Fox (Surgically enhanced)

Pixee Fox is a model who’s famous for successfully having her 6 ribs removed so she could have a waist measuring 14 inches which would make her have the smallest waist in the world. According to reports, Pixee Fox currently has a waist measuring a little over 16 inches but she tends to go further till she reaches her goal of 14 inches.

Body transformation of Pixee Fox

According to Pixee, her surgery was inspired by the tiny waist of female Disney cartoon characters.

• Largest Breast

4. Ting Haifen (Natural)

Ting Haifen is a Chinese lady who’s famous for having the world’s largest natural breast. Her breast is so large that each breast weighs over 10kg and it reaches way down to her belly button.

Ting Haifen is suffering from a rare health condition known as Juvenile Gigantomastia.

5. Mayra Hills (Surgically enhanced)

Mayra Hills who’s also known as Beshine is famous for her extremely large surgically-enhanced breast. With breasts weighing over 9kg each, Mayra Hills has earned fame for her extremely large enhanced breast.

• Largest Hips/ Backside 

6. Mikel Ruffinelli (Natural)

With hips and backside reportedly measuring over 8 feet, Mikel Ruffinelli is famous for having the world’s largest backside. Adding to that, she weighs 420 pounds and she said that she does experience difficulty in going about some daily activities due to her size.

7. Natasha Crown (surgically enhanced)

Natasha Crown is a plus-size model who’s famous for her extra-large backside. She revealed that she’s had 3 Brazilian butt lifts and she isn’t going to stop till she holds the record for the world’s largest backside.

Before and After photo of Natasha Crown

Natasha Crown reportedly has a backside measuring 6.6 feet (80 inches) and she’s among the few ladies on earth with an extra-large surgically enhanced derriere.

Natural or surgical, these ladies will always be remembered in history for their outstanding body features.


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