7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Los Angeles DUI Lawyer


7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Los Angeles DUI Lawyer


When you are facing DUI charges, it is important that you hire a competent Los Angeles DUI Lawyer to get the charges dropped. This is because a DUI charge on your record may have some serious consequences on your life and finances. Fortunately, a good lawyer has the experience, knowledge and expertise needed to get you off the hook without any points on your driving record. If you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, you need to get in touch with a competent DUI attorney to avoid:

1. Paying Huge Fines If the case goes to trial and you are found guilty, you may be ordered to pay a huge fine. Since you may already be struggling financially – like most people, it may be a good idea to contact a reputable lawyer to help you out. A competent lawyer will challenge the traffic stop, the breath test as well as the actual arrest.

Law enforcement officers cannot just ask any driver to pull-over and administer a breath test without good reason. If you did not do anything that could suggest that you were drunk, the actual arrest can be challenged, and the charges may be dropped. A good Los Angeles DUI Lawyer knows how to present this type of defense.

2. Losing Your Driving Privileges In most DUI cases, the guilty party normally has their driving license suspended for a couple of months, or even permanently, and you do not want this to happen to you. The duration of the suspension will depend on the type of charge.

If its your first DUI offense, the suspension may be for a short period of time. However, if that is your third or fourth offense, you may lose your driving privileges permanently. This will mean riding the bus, train or carpooling to work since you will not be able to drive. To avoid that kind of inconvenience, you need to hire a Los Angeles DUI lawyer to get the charges dropped.

3. Adding Points to Your Driving Record A DUI charge is far worse than a serious charge like reckless driving. To avoid a DUI charge, you may want to consider pleading to a charge of reckless driving or even speeding. No points will be added to your driving record. Any lawyer can easily convince the prosecutor to amend the charges.

4. Losing Your Auto Cover Insurers do not like exposing themselves to unnecessary risks, so they may decide to cancel or refuse to renew your current auto policy if your driving record has a DUI entry. When this happens, you may be forced to pay a huge amount of money to get a basic auto cover from any insurance firm. This is perhaps the most important reason why you should do everything to get the DUI charge dropped.

5. Jailtime If you are charged and found guilty of a felony DUI, you may find yourself behind bars for a long time. Obviously, you do not want to go to jail. A Los Angeles DUI lawyer will ensure that the charges are dropped or otherwise amended.

6. Tainting Your Reputation Reputation is everything when it comes to business or social life. If someone wants to work with you, but finds a DUI on your record, you may lose an important career or business opportunity. This is because people who drink and drive are considered irresponsible. To help keep your reputation intact, consider hiring a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer regardless of the cost.

7. Wasting Time

DUICourt cases usually take time. Court proceedings may waste a lot of your time, so you need to find a good lawyer beforehand to ensure that the charges are dropped for one reason or another.

This will give you the freedom and time needed to take advantage of emerging opportunities, be it in your social life, career or business.   When searching for a lawyer, it is important that you give strong consideration to experienced attorneys who have had great success with previous DUI cases.

Their reputation, track record and fees are some of the factors that you should look into when hiring a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer.

Find a competent lawyer today to avoid these serious consequences.


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