6 Traits Of A Classy Woman That Have Nothing To Do With Luxury


Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it. A classy woman knows kindness and how to present herself with elegance.

The following are six traits of a classy woman.

1.A classy woman always tries to develop habits and routines. A classy woman always plans her schedule because she knows taking action is the only thing that makes the difference in her life. She doesn’t rely on motivation because she knows it can fade. She identifies her goals and makes the actions into daily habits.

2.A classy woman doesn’t compare herself with others. Classy women don’t do that because they know in most of the cases, it’s incomparable. The know the fact that everyone she meets is fighting a hard battle that she knows nothing about. It’s meaningless to compare to other ideal self to herself. Instead she values self – improvement because she realized that the only thing she needs to compare is her yesterday’s self.h

3.A classy lady understands that self care isn’t a luxury but a necessity. She knows the fact that self care is a necessary thing to do and a twenty minute meditation is certainly not a time wasting thing at all. She knows that she is not solely live for her lover, her parents or kids. At the end of the day she lives for herself. She enjoys doing all the self care things like journalling.

4.A classy lady always keeps learning. Classy lady always understands that learning can keep her alive and youthful. She genuinely loves absorbing new things and she loves the fact that everyday is a new day for her to push herself to a higher level. She is always open to new opportunities and keen to try new.

5.A classy lady minds her finance. An intelligent woman knows clearly that a man is not a financial plan and she minds her finance. She is having multiple sources of income, she knows how to safeguard her money with simple budgeting and insurance. She may not be good at the number but at least she is aware of the fact that she should spend more money on assets.

6.She is constantly bettering herself. She clearly knows that she is beautiful in her own way. She values body positivity but that doesn’t stop her from bettering herself. She maintains a healthy diet, does regular exercise follows a skincare routine not because she feels she is not enough at the moment but the fact that she want to treat herself well.


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