6 Tips to be the Perfect Wedding Guest!

6 Tips to be the Perfect Wedding Guest!

Check out these top tips for being the ideal wedding guest 

Let’s face it, as every socialite knows, weddings can be a fantastic place to meet new people. It’s not that hard to understand why they say that. After all, weddings are great ways to celebrate the marriage of good friends, but they’re also a top-tier social occasion that presents plenty of great opportunities.

What sort? Well, use your imagination. I’ll give you a hint: I have a good friend who met the man she was to marry and have four children with. Enough said?

But before you meet the love of your life or a new business partner, you’ve got to have everything in hand. After all, one wrong move and you’ll be put on the socially single table forever.

Here are my 6 pointers for being the perfect guest at a wedding.

1. The invite arrives

The acronym RSVP is taken from the French phrase “responder sil-vous-plait” – which really means “reply as soon as you can”. Make sure you do! A prompt response makes for happy bridal parties.

2. Get your outfit ready

Do not under any circumstances wear the wrong outfit to a wedding. Being a good guest means dressing appropriately. Often the invitation will tell you how it’s got to be: they’ll say “evening dress”, which means dress up – a gown (not white) and heels, or a fancy frock and furs. Even if it says “casual”, make an effort.

3. Conversation

It doesn’t matter where you are seated at the wedding, try to remember it’s not all about you. Don’t pound six glasses of wine and yell out, “Why didn’t I marry him?” or worse, try and get yourself a better seat. You’re there to help celebrate, not to make a spectacle. Talk to your fellow guests, even if you don’t know them. Be unfailingly polite and optimistic. It’s someone else’s big day after all.

4. Alcohol

Yes, there’s free tipple at most weddings, but don’t treat it solely as a chance to break your own previous drinking record. It’s never a good look to be remembered as “Oh, you’re the girl who crash-tackled the bride’s nana after doing shots with the groom’s father and then pushing him into the pool.” You’re that girl. Classy.

5. Get a present

It’s easy to get cynical about gift buying for a wedding. How well do you know the couple? If they’re not your best, consider something simple but elegant. Wine glasses, gift vouchers for a massage or manicure for both of them.

6. Send a thank-you note

Do I really need to explain why? Just a simple handwritten note on personalised stationery will be gratefully received. No emails.

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