5 Top Notch Food & Health Apps

5 Top Notch Food & Health Apps

This world is moving very fast and you need to keep pace with the world to move forward. The daily life of a common man has become so much hectic and tedious that taking out proper time to get yourself medically checked and tested has become impossible. A routine medical check is very important for everyone, just to ensure that your health is good, your body is functioning in a natural manner. Several parameters are important in this regard like your weight as per Body Mass Index (BMI), your heart rate, your blood pressure, your blood sugar level, the fat percentage in your body, water level and more.

Say thanks to your smartphone which is there to help you check the various health and body parameters. Many different apps are available these days, which can help you accurately check your bodily functions and health parameters any time you want. Now there is no need to take appointment from the physician, take a day off of work and get checked. Just take out your phone during your lunch hours and check your body yourself.

Following is the list of some good food and health-related apps which can monitor your body functions and give you practical and useful tips to get yourself medically fit.      


This app is a good option to track down your food intake quality, the number of calories and other nutrients in the food. The app basically compares different foods to sort out the difference between them. This thing makes this app a good tool to differentiate between good and bad food. Another feature of this app is that it also gives you a daily food intake plan based on your BMI, age, exercise and other important parameters. This app also features a complete social media platform where you can share your problems with online community listen to their feedback and suggestions. This app is free with some in-app purchases for additional features.


This app is another important health-related app. This app is not that much detailed like Fooducate which is a plus point actually. The app has a simple interface which does not give you critical details about the food nutrition. A perfect combination of diet and exercise, this app needs your height, gender, weight and your fitness requirements. After analyzing your parameters and fitness goals, the app gives you a diet plan and exercise chart. Some features of this app are free to your including exercise tracking while the app also offers monthly or yearly subscription fees for some advanced features as well.


This is one of the great apps completely worth mentioning because of some interesting and essential fitness tracking features it offers. This app has a vast database of food items and it keeps a track of your food intake as well. So, for people who are very much conscious about each and every food item they eat, this app is a good tool for them. MyFitnessPal also integrates with many other important fitness apps. The app also gives you a set of exercise based on your body type and fitness goals and also monitor your progress with stats. This app is free as well as paid for some additional features.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

MyPlate Calorie Tracker as the name implies is one of the best apps if you want to track your calories down. The app works in a way similar to Lifesum but with a slightly vast database of food items. The app claims to have a database of more than two million food items. This app also keeps track of your water intake. Another great thing about this app is its complete integration with Google Fit to offer many other useful features. The bad thing about this app is that most of its features need a subscription fee.

Yoga Studio

If you are a yoga fan than this app is a gift for you. Many people out there in the world prefer yoga over traditional exercises. Even if you are a yoga beginner or an intermediate follower, this app is for you. It gives the users complete customization to set your own yoga routines as needed. The app has a complete library of more than 280 poses, class scheduling and more. Unfortunately, this app is paid however, there are no in-app purchases or advertisements this the app.     


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