3 Truths You Need To Accept To Find True Love

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You’re going to need to be brave if you really want to fall in love. I had to learn the hard way that I can’t allow myself to act defensively whenever my partner accuses me of coming up short in the relationship. At first, I always thought that I was so prim and proper when I was in love. I always assumed that I was being the perfect girlfriend to my partner.

1.  Unreasonable expectations are premeditated fights and disappointments.

It’s always fine to have your share of expectations whenever you first get into a relationship with someone. When you have expectations and you communicate them to your partner, then you are essentially keeping each other in check. You are always staying on the same page.

But if you have unreasonable expectations that you hide from your partner, then you are essentially setting yourself up for disappointment. You are only going to be instigating fights with your partner before you even start the relationship.

2.  We all want to feel loved and cared for by someone else.

You don’t have to keep acting as you hate it whenever your partner is trying to baby you. You LOVE being loved. EVERYONE loves to be loved. Just stop denying it. No one is going to think that you are some kind of codependent loser if you want to feel love and care from your partner.

No one is going to blame you for craving your partner’s affections. It’s perfectly natural for you to want to experience the love that your partner has for you. You don’t have to keep putting up this false image of yourself as someone who doesn’t need your partner’s affection or intimacy. How to Find True love

3. We often blame our partners for our own insecurities.

You are only human and so naturally, you are going to have your fair share of insecurities. However, if you fail to maintain a sense of self-awareness; if you fail to come to terms with your insecurities, you are going to want to project them to the nearest available target: your partner.

You will start to blame your partner for all of your weaknesses because you are too afraid to come to terms with your own vulnerability. You always want to see yourself as perfect and so any imperfection in your life must be attributed to your partner instead. This can be very detrimental to any kind of relationship and you need to stop that if you don’t want to drive your partner away.


If you find that you are guilty of a lot of these less-than-perfect truths, then that’s fine. You’re only human after all. At least you have the self-awareness to realize your mistakes so that you can learn from them. You just have to be able to recognize what you are doing in your relationship that isn’t necessarily working. How to Find True love


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