Actress Uche Ogbodo has alleged her colleague Yul Edochie and his second wife Judy dated for six years before the relationship became public knowledge.

She alleged that most of the colleagues knew about the relationship between the duo.

According to her, it is hypocritical that her colleagues suddenly took sides after affair became general public, which she said she is not comfortable with.

She wrote below on her IG

In an instagram post she said: “On a second Tot. I reckon i had to come back to this. First off, I’m not a hypocrite but a one- man soldier who stands for the truth regardless of anyone’s pain or displeasure.

“Y’all true chameleons are those Nollywood people., who knew that this relationship has bee ongoing for the past 6 years but never mentioned it to May until it was too late, now they’re taking sides. Me! I am true to myself so I will remain so! In as much as I sympathise with May on her pain, I will not inherit enemies.

“Everyone created by God is human, I have no power to judge anyone, I will continue to be friends with the parties involved till they find a peaceful ground. F****k y’all haters. God bless the Edochies.”


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