10 Unknown Facts About Rory John Gates, #7 Will Shock You!


10 Unknown Facts About Rory John Gates

On the heels of the recent news of the divorce of his parents, understanding Rory provides insight into the Gates. Rory John Gates will give you a first-hand lesson on what it is to be the only son of a billionaire. Raised by strict parents with a known culture of industry and intellectualism, Rory really should not fall far from the tree.

It suffices to his parents that he can hold his own in the business world just like his progenitors. Being an only son sure does come with the perks of office as well as responsibilities.

But while Rory John Gates is yet to make any career choice, let’s spill certain info about him that may give you an idea of the life of billionaire kids.

Rory John Gate’s Bio

Rory John Gates is a Gemini Star who was born on 23rd May 1999 in Seattle Washington. As of 2020, he is 21 years old.
As the second child, he is three years younger than his sister Jennifer Katharine Gates and three years older than his other sister Phoebe Adele Gates. He is a graduate of Duke University and has obtained his MBA at the Fuqua School of Business.

” alt=”rory-gates-biography” width=”354″ height=”256″ />Rory is 5ft 5in and weighs about 52kg. His net worth is $20 million as an heir to his father’s estate. Regardless of his father’s wealth, his mother (Melinda Gates) ensured he had a normal upbringing. He makes his home at Medina Washington, where he keeps away from public life.

Here are other unknown facts about John Rory Gates that you probably don’t know:

#1 He is Single

Rory John Gates has no known love life. Neither has he made any public statements about his love life. Not to worry, while he is straight, there is no inkling that he wishes or desires a partner. He is content been single and is rather enjoying every minute of it. He is not a Casanova or a playboy, unlike some other rich kid. You bet being the son of Bill Gates is a full-time job.

#2 He is a Philanthropist

Being reliant on his father’s wealth does not stop Rory John Gates from giving to charity. He gives a third of his allowances as donations to special causes. This challenges his father the renowned Bill Gates to donate twice the amount his son gives to charity.

#3 He is Multiracial

All white yes, but Rory John Gates is also Irish, Scottish, German, and English. Such a rich ancestry all embodied in one person. And he handles it well too!

#4 He is Multilingual

As part of a natural consequence of being multi-racial, Rory John Gates is multilingual. He speaks Irish, Spanish, and German, and these asides his native tongue English. It is enough that he can communicate in these other languages.

#5 Rory John Gates is a Feminist

Rory publicly advocates for the equal rights of women much to his mother’s delight. Although Melinda Gates realized much later that she had been assigning tasks that studies show were male tasks to Rory, her only son still turned out to be a feminist. He isn’t ever shy about discussing gender equality.

#6 He Has No Online presence On Any Social Media

Strange, right? Very strange especially at these times. Rory John Gates loves to contribute to solving world problems but how do I get to read his position on world problems? Does it mean he has no social life? Since he does not feel strange about this, then maybe it is pretty cool or maybe it’s just a part of his media-shy personality as he is never to be seen except in the company of family. He avoids the limelight at all costs. He has close ties with family.

#7 Rory John Gates is a Poet

Rory wrote his first poem – the Diamante Poem – at age ten about the physics of light and the black hole. His father helped him to publish it on his website as every proud father would love to do. Guess who introduced him to the world of poems? Bill Gates. Good to know that despite his love for computers, he can still appreciate the basic appearances of art.

#8 He Love Cars

Rory’s assembly of cars are a sight to behold. From Lamborghini to Ferrari… all are expensive collections. However, it’s sad that we don’t get a chance to see him inside or standing behind these fast flashy babies.

#9 He Attended the Same High School As His Father

Raised in Seattle, Rory John Gates attended the same elite private high school as his father had some years back – The Lakeside School. Can’t imagine for a second what this would mean to him.  Even his older sister, Jennifer, attended the same school.

#10 Rory John Gates Has Strict Parents

Being the son of the world’s wealthiest man should ordinarily come with privileges. Not for the Gates family and especially not for Rory, their only son. Rory was taught the ethics and morals of life and living. He had to earn his way through school.

He had his first phone at age 13. Although he’s still a student, there are speculations that he is trained to take over his father’s business.

” alt=”rory-gates-parents” width=”354″ height=”266″ />While he is still reliant on his father for funds, it is widely known that Bill Gates (his father) plans to give away his wealth to charity because he believes his children are capable of setting off on their paths.

Conclusion: The Rich Blond Kid From Seattle

Rory is yet to make any significant career moves for now. And regarding his pedigree, it is natural for one such as him to want to pursue his course. However, it is also foreseeable that family pressures may require him to follow his father’s pathway into the corporate world. Whichever way, I hope for the best… as well as he does too.


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